Your history – Our responsibility

Our job is to encourage current and future generations of South Australians to discover that this state’s past is rich, relevant and fascinating. And among the many stories unfolding across South Australia in the present, there are many worthy of being preserved for sharing for the future.

The History Trust of South Australia is exactly what our name implies. We carry the community’s trust to keep safe our state’s stories and memory collections so that they will not be lost. This means that they will continue to enrich the lives of current and future generations.

As a statutory authority, we report to Parliament and our Board of Trustees are accountable through the Minister for Education.

Our Act safeguards South Australia’s material heritage and encourages research and the public presentation of South Australian history.

The Act requires us to carry out a number of roles and activities. We manage museums of our own and produce exhibitions and an annual History Festival. We promote programs that assist community museums and historical societies in every part of our State. We provide policy advice to the Minister for Education.

Good budget management is critical to the sustainability of our mission.

We are mindful that the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly-changing world lead us to embrace digital platforms, diversify our sources of revenue, and focus on the most pressing and worthy areas for the benefit of all South Australia’s citizens.

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Annual Reports

The History Trust of South Australia Annual Reports provide a review of operations across our three museums, National Motor Museum, Migration Museum and the South Australian Maritime Museum, and The Centre of Democracy, as well as information about corporate activities. The Annual Report includes financial year statements and information on corporate governance and organisational structure.

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Proactive disclosure

The South Australian Government has a policy of proactively disclosing information regularly requested and released under Freedom of Information (FOI) and making it available to all members of the community.

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