History Trust Grant Funds

Among the key aims of The History Trust of South Australia is to keep building the evidence of our state’s rich and fascinating past and to make it accessible to all. We offer two annual grant programs that progressively add to South Australia’s history and bring it to life. These are the South Australian History Fund (SAHF) and Museums and Collections (MaC).  The SAHF supports community and individual projects, publications and research, while the MaC fund supports groups who participate in the MaC Development and Funding Program.

  • We champion South Australia’s history and make it accessible
  • We tell our stories locally and globally
  • We foster innovative research and engagement
  • We invest in emerging and established historians
  • We welcome and share diverse voices and stories

South Australian History Fund (SAHF)

The 2023-24 SAHF grant round is open and due to close 12 August 2023.

The following documents are for information for the 2023-24 grant round. You are welcome to enquire about the SAHF grant fund or discuss potential projects at any time just contact us

SAHF grants allocated in the last three years:

SAHF 2022-23

SAHF 2021-22

SAHF 2020-21

Museums and Collections (MaC) Grants

Please note that MaC grants are available only to community history organisations that are members of the MaC Program. MaC Project grants are assessed and approved after each grant stage and MaC Small grants are approved on a rolling basis. MaC Projects grant round 7 will be open for applications between 26 August and 9 October 2023 and.  MaC members will be notified when the round is opening.   

MaC Projects Round 7 Guidelines & Conditions

You are welcome to get in touch with the History Trust’s community history officers if you would like to explore joining the network of MaC members. MaC is for all community history collecting organisations large or small. Becoming a member of MaC ensures you are eligible to apply for MaC grants among other benefits. You can see what grants have been allocated in recent years by clicking on the links below.

MaC Projects Round 6 (stage 2)

MaC Projects Round 6 (stage 1)

MaC Projects Round 5

MaC Projects Round 4

MaC Small Grants

Digitisation Grants 2022

Click here to see list of projects this grant fund supported.