History Festival Photography Workshops

Join Canon Collective and The History Trust of South Australia for a series of workshops during the 2018 History Festival to celebrate South Australia’s wonderfully photogenic built heritage.

Saturday 28 April – Open Doors: How to Photograph Historical Architecture

Come and join the Canon Collective for a walk through the streets of Adelaide City and learn how to capture some its beautiful historic architecture. Learn what a Tilt Shift lens is and how it benefits this type of photography. Take away some useful tips for capturing buildings in tight spaces, and how to best plan your capture with the right lighting conditions and compositions. If you love a beautiful building, come and learn how to capture it on camera. Bring a DSLR and wide lens, memory card, tripod, good walking shoes, hat and sunscreen.

Saturday 28 April – Sunset Photography by the Torrens

Come and capture our amazing city when the light is at its best with Canon Collective Ambassador, Steve Huddy. Based at Elder Park and taking in the historic Torrens surrounds, we will cover off some tricks to best capture the setting sun; from settings to composition you will learn how to improve your sunset and landscape photography. When the sun goes down, take in the lights of Adelaide and capture a night cityscape. Don’t forget to bring your DSLR camera, a tripod, memory card and a fully charged battery.

Monday 14 & Tuesday 15 May – Light Painting at the Freemasons

Light painting is an exciting, cutting edge form of photography, that involves manipulating light-sources during long exposures. Learn how to use the right settings on your camera to capture long exposure light art in the stunning surrounds of the Freemasons Grand Lodge. For fledgling and advanced photographers.