Essential Collection Cleaning Tools

Selection of cleaning tools layed out on a table.

Essential tools for carefully cleaning collection items:

  • Vacuum attachments ensure you can clean a range of surfaces safely on varying sized objects, the attachments help reach nooks and crannies, keep the air flow gentle for fragile items, and the brush attachments can help sweep up hard to remove dust,
  • Wireframe nets can be used with vacuum attachments to clean fragile textiles and objects with loose material needing extra protection,
  • Soft brushes are a good way to remove dust and built up dirt from hard surfaces,
  • Cotton gloves protect objects from oils and dirt when you handle them, avoid using them with slippery surfaces or fragile items that might get caught on the cotton,
  • Nitrile gloves also protect objects from oils and dirt when you handle them, they are safer to use with slippery surfaces and fragile items particularly metals which can sustain significant damage from handling,
  • Microstatic cloths are great for cleaning large robust surfaces, display cases, glass and furniture around your collection, which ultimately helps protect the collection as well.

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