Have fun while learning about our local history! These Kahoot! quizzes have been made by our education and museum teams for teachers to use in the classroom, or just for fun.

Life on Board

What was life like on board some of the first colonial ships from England to South Australia?


This education program at the South Australian Maritime Museum charts a history of exploration of the Great Southern Land and encounters with the First Australians.

20th Century Migration to Australia

This quiz is based on the information contained in the 20th Century Gallery of the Migration Museum. After your visit to the museum, complete the quiz and test your memory or simply have a go and test your knowledge of 20th Century Migration to SA.

Vinyl Revolutions: Australian Protest Music

Is protest an essential part of a democracy? How do people protest in different ways? These questions are explored by Adelaide’s Centre of Democracy.

What level of Government?

What levels of government are responsible for these important functions in Australian life?

South Aussie Icons

Read more about famous South Australian people, groups and social and political movements that have shaped our state by visiting the Picturing Democracy website.

South Australia on the Big Screen

Some of Australia’s favourite films have been shot in SA. How many of these films have you seen?