History Matters, Term 1

This series of online professional learning opportunities presented by the History Trust of SA connects educators with historians, curators, experts and fellow educators to engage with history and develop ideas for the classroom.


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Session 1: Using objects to spark curiosity and creativity

Object-based learning encourages students to make tactile connections between learning and real life, and can spark curiosity about the unfamiliar. In this session we will cover the pedagogy behind this approach, share some activities you can use in the classroom, and show you where you can find fascinating objects and images in History Trust collections online. We’ll also discuss the upcoming Poetry Takeover Challenge which asks students to write a poem inspired by a museum object, and how you can get involved.

Presenters: Dr Birgit Heilmann, Curator at the Migration Museum; Liz Grandmaison, History Festival Officer; Jade Cornish, Education Officer

Curriculum Links: English & History skills- all year levels.

When: Wednesday 24 February, 4-5pm


*Session 2 has been CANCELLED – this topic will be rescheduled for Term 2 or 3*

Session 2: Adelaide’s newest museum: Holocaust stories and teaching hard subjects

The Adelaide Holocaust Museum and Andrew Steiner Education Centre is Adelaide’s newest museum, having opened in November 2020. Underpinned by stories from local holocaust survivors, the museum serves to educate and promote empathy in students and visitors. For this collaborative session, the Adelaide Holocaust Museum team will introduce you to the new museum, education programs and plans for the future, and will be available for questions.

Presenters: Kathy Baykich, AHMSEC Centre Director; Alise Hardy, Education Coordinator; Pauline Cockrill, Curator

Curriculum Links: Senior History, cross curricular


Session 3: Adelaide’s Vietnam Moratorium and exploring protest through art

2020 marked the fiftieth anniversary of Australia’s first Moratoriums, which saw thousands of people in cities across the country gather to protest against Australia’s participation in the war in Vietnam and the conscription of the nation’s young men. The massive marches that took place on 8 + 9 May and 18 September 1970, and 30 June 1971 were unprecedented in Australia, as was the campaign of which they were a part.

In this session, we will talk about Adelaide’s moratorium and the exhibition of photographs by Leo Davis currently on display at the Centre of Democracy. We’ll also discuss how we can approach concepts about protest in the classroom, utilising music and art to question, interrogate and express ideas.

Presenters: Nikki Sullivan, Centre of Democracy Manager

Curriculum Links: Senior History (rights and freedoms, Vietnam War), Secondary English (protest poetry and songs), Visual Art

When: Wednesday 17 March, 4-5pm


Session 4: Expressing Ourselves: Being Deaf in South Australia

What is it like to be Deaf in South Australia today? What was it like 50, 100 or 150 years ago? What is Auslan? How do Deaf South Australians create and experience our unique culture? Expressing Ourselves is a temporary exhibition at the Migration Museum, designed in partnership with a committee from the Deaf community.

In this session we will share the stories of Deaf South Australians, looking at the exhibition and how it came to be created. A member of the committee will join us to discuss what the exhibition means to them and share their experience in Auslan. We will also view a short film made by a committee member about anti-discrimination legislation. This session will prompt thought about discrimination, accessibility and how we can ensure inclusive classrooms and workplaces, while sharing stories about local history.

Presenters: Corinne Ball, Curator at the Migration Museum, and other guest speakers TBA

Curriculum Links: local history

Connects to AITSL Standards 1.5 Differentiate teaching to meet the specific learning needs of students across the full range of abilities, and 1.6 Strategies to support full participation of students with disability

When: Tuesday 24 March, 4-5pm


Session 5: Windjammers: stories behind the new exhibition

Windjammers is a new permanent exhibition at the SA Maritime Museum. It explores the lives of the young crew who sailed enormous four-masted square-rigged ships, transporting South Australian grain during the final days of commercial sail.

In this session we will take a look at the stories behind the new exhibition and bringing your class to the SA Maritime Museum.

Presenter: Dr Adam Paterson, Curator at the SA Maritime Museum

Curriculum Links: local history

When: Thursday 1 April, 4-5pm