Light Tech Innovation

I am the Principal Lighting Designer in my own lighting design practice –  Light Tech innovation.

I have been in the illumination industry for more than 30 years, specialising in lighting design and documentation on projects in the residential, commercial and landscape lighting and technology.

I believe that successful lighting is the fine balance of art and science. To achieve this, a commitment to the highest quality is complemented by knowledge, technical expertise, talent, creativity, attention to detail and communication!

As well as particular expertise in the heritage conservation of fine buildings, I am adept at using the latest lighting technology to suit the specific needs of the client. Lighting designs that are functional and aesthetically pleasing while also addressing my clients’ construction and budget constraints underpin my approach. Custom made task-specific luminaires are also another area of design that is undertaken for clients.

I am an academic lecturer and my professional affiliations include

  • Fellow and founding Board Member of the new look IES: The Lighting Society
  • A member of the Society for Building Services Engineering
  • An invited member of the Independent Interior Design Association.