History Teachers’ Association of SA

The History Teachers’ Association of South Australia (HTASA) is a not-for-profit organisation whose aims are to:

  • stimulate interest in the study of History
  • support effective teaching and learning of History in schools
  • engender in students (indirectly through their teachers) a love of History and its relevance to an individual and society
  • arrange meetings, lectures, seminars, conferences and other activities
  • prepare and circulate publications, resources and educational research to advance the teaching of History
  • represent the views of the Association and its members in educational, government, business and community organisations.

Helen Lawry – Story Teller

Storyteller, Writer, Educator

I am a storyteller, writer and teacher

  • Storytelling at the International School of Storytelling UK
  • Studied Creative writing at Flinders University and Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Teaching at Melbourne University

Telling Stories

I give interactive storytelling performances of traditional stories from many cultures suitable for preschool and primary school aged children.


I have delivered workshops and professional development for various groups and organisations. My workshops are pacey, engaging and productive being informed by my background in history, education and working with social disadvantage.


I develop stories for specific occasions and purposes; past clients include The Australian Centre for Social Innovation, Avenues of Honour, The Art Gallery of SA, and speech pathologists.