TASHCO Systems

TASHCO – the Australian Showcase and Hardware Company (previously CLICK) is now a proudly 100% Australian-owned company specializing in locally designed and manufactured red museum grade showcase and lighting solutions.

Run by the Fordham Family since 1977, we have been involved in the museum community and actively committed to the conservation and presentation of Australia’s history for over 40 years.

We service every state of Australia with state of the art showcase solutions and we offer a free showcase design and consultation service on every project.

Please contact us or visit our website if we can be of any service to your organisation.

Tania Buck Medals and Frames

Tania Buck’s Medal Mounting and Heritage Framing business was established in January 2007. She offers a personalised medal mounting and framing service whilst maintaining the highest standard of service to her customers.

  • All medals are mounted in accordance with the Australian Honours system and protocols.
  • Tania is also a supplier of high quality, full-size and miniature replica medals and ribbon bars.
  • Engraving of replica medals can also be arranged for an additional cost.
  • Security of your original medals is of the utmost importance and safe secure storage is assured.
  • Family history research is available at no extra cost and assistance provided to customers by obtaining written copies for family members.
  • Same day service is available for all country clients (depending on availability of stock).