Back to Life Photo Restoration

Run and owned by Jeff Aworth, is a new local business situated on Jetty Rd Brighton.

Specialising in photo restoration, Jeff has a passion to bring old damaged photos/negatives back to life so everyone can appreciate the magnificance that an old historic photo shows.
Services include – Scanning, restoration, enlargement, canvas, digital storage, conversion of VHS to DVD.

Jeff has also had quite a few years experience in the Graphic Design/Printing and Signage industry, so if you need a new concept for your business, or front of shop signage this is your one stop shop.

Zetta Florence

Archival materials and advice for home users, corporations, framers, photographers & professional service providers.

Great range of quality products at very competitive prices.

Australian Heritage Services

Based in Adelaide’s iconic Beresford Arms Inn of 1839, Australian Heritage Services has been providing heritage services in South Australia and across the country for over twenty years.

We specialise in built heritage research, assessment and management, as well as archaeological services (both historical and indigenous).

Artlab Australia

Artlab Australia is a recognised leader in the conservation of cultural collections with a national and international reputation for excellence.

A South Australian government agency, we provide expert services for the preservation, care and management of the state’s cultural collections. We work principally for and in partnership with the major collecting institutions and additionally, we support collections in community hands – regionally, nationally and internationally, on a fee-for-service basis.

Our skilled and professional conservators undertake stabilisation, repair and restoration of a huge variety of artefacts. These range from major artworks and ethnographic and historic artefacts, to archival documents and records, large technology items and outdoor monuments.

In addition to complex and delicate practical treatments, our services include disaster preparedness planning, environmental management of display and storage conditions in order to prevent deterioration, and research and analysis that contributes to both the development of conservation practice and to a greater knowledge and understanding of cultural artefacts and works of art.

We offer preventive conservation for collections, training of conservators through internships, conservation capacity building projects overseas, education and advisory services to support communities in the preservation of their cultural heritage.

FATS Media Lab.

FATS Media Lab. services includes Media Digitisation.

FATS Media Lab. has one of the largest ranges of current and superseded film, video, stills and audio tape machines in Australia, capable of digitising all content forms to 4K, 2K, HD, SD, PAL and NTSC formats.

The team encodes to formats for storage on drives, cloud for archiving, or for delivery to broadcasters, social media or streaming platforms. FATS Media Lab. also offers restoration and cleaning services. FATS Media Lab. is a member of the National Archive of Australia services panel and is providing film digitisation services to NSW Office of State Records.

Archival Survival

Providing archival quality storage products for long-term preservation.

A motivated team of professionals, dedicated to providing high quality preservation materials to museums, galleries, libraries and archives. We provide archival quality storage products and services to organisations responsible for the management and care of permanent collections.

We can assess and supply all of your archival packaging needs, with budgetary, space and staffing constraints in mind.

Our strengths are our ability to source the highest quality archival materials in large volumes, allowing us to keep prices as low as possible, as well as our extensive experience working with major historical and art collections throughout Australia.

We’re an Australian-owned company, with over 90% of our range being made or sourced right here in Australia.

Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material (AICCM)

The Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural material (AICCM) is the professional organisation for conservators in Australia.

AICCM members support and work by the AICCM Code of Ethics and Code of Practice. These documents govern our approach to preservation, restoration and conservation treatment.

AICCM’s membership is made up of professional conservators, conservation students and cultural heritage member organisations. Our membership also includes people who work in related professions, such as archivists, architects, curators and librarians, as well as volunteers and those with a general interest in cultural heritage.

AICCM can provide advice on how to protect your valuable collections during a disaster, as well as provide best practice information on rescuing items that may have been lost or damaged. AICCM can also help you find a conservator. The AICCM directory of conservators in private practice lists over 65 members in Australia who are Professional Members of the AICCM and you can use it to find an expert in your region who is qualified to care for your art, object or memorabilia.